The Quixote by Pierre Menard

I have to agree with Jorge Luis Borges who so eloquently defended Menard’s Quixote. As Borges rights himself, “Cervantes’ text and Menard’s are verbally identical, but the second is almost infinitely richer” (Borges 1938). As I just mentioned in introducing this wonderfully unique Quixote, there is something far more incredible about the text written in the 20th century. After all it would almost appear as if literature was demanding such a text at the time of Cervantes where as today that demand seems to have shifted. That shift has made it that much more impressive for one such as Menard to go against the grain in producing this unbelievably unique work of art.

This can be viewed more visually with the work of one Marcel Duchamp who took it upon himself to create Fountain 1917 in 1964. This example of sculptural genius proved far more ambiguous for its time than the original of 1917. An even better example of the same author is his famous LHOOQ. Which portrayed in much more eloquence the Mona Lisa than has ever been seen before.
It just goes to show that art is not concrete; at best it is transitory and unstable.
The Comparative Blogging Foundation has arisen to defend the instability and preserve chaos.



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