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Art is arbitrary!

@ six this was decided by a context of messages.

The Mona Lisa is not always art!

There is a plane that is connected to another planeà These two planes cannot be separated from each other.

On one side lies the content that makes up the objects of art. On the other side lie the concepts that make ups what can be art. When in history these two sides have matched upà art was born.

The object did not exist before the concept, or the concept before the object!

No definition of art, that is no connection between an object and a concept is more artistic than another.

But ART as in the art of capital letters MUST challenge and if it doesn’t, if it sits idly by and lets you absorb it for the price of nothingà it is not artà no matter the form.

Does this make sense to you? No? then spelled out it is

(Spelled out) A painting by nature a painting is not by nature art!

Deconstruct this Saussure, Post C


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