Sent from my iPhone

It is time for the return of the CBF. I know our discussions and posts have been… well… nonexistent since last summer and that has all to do with the basic and near dominating transition from college to the real world. But now as real people making real earnings and going to real jobs we at the CBF are ready to return. This here will be the first post (if that isn’t obvious already).

From now on I am afraid I will be changing the way I post. Since posting to my blog has always greatly reflected the work I was involved in at college it should be of no surprise that my posting style as well as content will change. For example now that I am a New York City public school teacher I am sure education will take a more prominent role on this blog.

So now on to the subject of this post… the iPhone, or rather the effect of the iPhone world in which we live. I just saw Fan Boys yesterday and its opening credit role, in the style of Star Wars, ends by declaring the previous message was sent via an iPhone. This got me thinking about how our world, already changed by the internet, seems to be changing again (in the most obvious of ways) to one where we are not limited by our “office.” The writing space has always been transportable and the act of writing applicable to any location, but the act of publishing was once extremely limited. First it was limited to the funnel of editors and periodicals, then (and I know this is already a large jump) to the limits of a 56k or later high speed connection established for the communication of a clunky to now sleek device that could connect to that World Wide Web capable of instantaneously publishing your work. But now we live in a world where that device has become completely portable as well, you don’t even need the Starbucks wifi to get a post out. This brings a whole new level to those cell phone novels already taking form in Japan.

But then again I only started this post on my iPhone, I finished it at my computer in my room.

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