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The social responsibility of the art community

THe purpose of this blog was always to focus on the new in terms of literature and art as it related to the internet and the digital age. But purpose is a funny thing as my partner and I have used this blog to write about a bunch of other topics as well. That said I want to push the “purpose” even further and suggest that there is a social responsibility to the internet beyond its artistic potential. Not a new idea but not a well respected one either. The internet in terms of social issues is typically a dumping ground for frustration and anger. People who are upset use it as a platform to complain while those who are passionate use it to motivate and inspire. All valid uses. I have argued before about the potential issues with the democratization of journalism on the web and I have no interest in revisiting that with this post. I am not here to talk about reporting the news but discussing it instead. I don’t think this is art, I think it a responsibility of those with the ability to communicate. Though this blog communicates to very few in its prime and fewer still today it is my venue to communicate my thoughts. I want to use it to speak to the travesty of Trayvon Martin. This case greatly upset me, I felt angry and frustrated as an American to watch its outcome. I am a white American, born to privilege and living well on the East Coast. I have never known racial profiling and though sometimes can ethnically identify as a minority with my Jewish heritage, I have never felt the fear and disrespect racial prejudice brings. That said I believe Martin’s death to be the outcome of racial profiling and I believe the verdict of this trial to be the outcome of racial discrimination and a lack of understanding. That said I know there are those out there that agree with me and I know that like myself they want to do something, something to never let this happen again. I am still figuring out what that is and what it will look like (open to suggestions) but in the meantime I am using this blog as a call to arms for the social artists out there. We need the symbols of change, the signs of revolution and hope. Lead the people as our president is. Show the world that an injustice has occurred and it needs to be corrected.